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If you're like us, your dog is part of your family. And, as part of your family, you want to make sure what you feed them is healthy. After reviewing countless lists of ingredients on the backs of dog treats at the big box pet stores we decided it would be better to make our own dog treats. If the ingredients cannot be pronounced and are more than five syllables, It probably shouldn't be fed to the dog. That's how FiGGYBiTZ was born. 

After some research and development, and of course taste testing by our in house expert, Figgy, we created some recipes that are not only simple, but healthy. Each recipe starts with freshly milled whole wheat flour which adds a bit of roughage to our treats. Next we add some superfoods like sweet potatoes, blueberries, and ginger that are prepared fresh in our kitchen. The eggs come from our own flock of free range chickens. Each batch is rolled out by hand and baked to perfection without the use of preservatives or fillers.

We think FiGGYBiTZ are a great treat for dogs. We taste every batch to make sure they are delicious. FiGGYBiTZ are human grade and completely edible for people. Go ahead and try a bite! Just don't forget to share with your pet!

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